Wed Nov 06 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Mary's Center
2355 Ontario Road NW
Washington, DC

Actions taken at the October 2 meeting: 

-Approved minutes from September meeting. (5-0-0)
-Approved FY 2020 budget (5-0-0)
-Voted to support application of Streets Market for B license (off premises sales). (5-0-0)
-Approved Settlement Agreement with Isshin Ramen. (5-0-0)
-Voted to not protest an application from Federalist Pig to change its liquor license from retailer “D” Restaurant to retailer “C” Restaurant. (5-0-0)
-Approved special exception request for a garage apartment at 2322 19th Street NW. (5-0-0)
-Approved HPRB application for a roof deck at 1979 Biltmore Street NW. (5-0-0)
-Approved request for bike rack addition at 1731 Kalorama Road NW. (5-0-0)
-Approved grant application from Platform of Hope. (5-0-0)
-Approved resolution in support for B23-266 and B23-309, known respectively as the “Prohibition of Marijuana Testing Act of 2019” and “Medical Marijuana Program Patient Employment Protection Amendment Act of 2019” (5-0-0)
-Approved amendment to ANC 1C's meeting calendar, which would reschedule the next PSE committee meeting from October 24 to October 30. (5-0-0)
-Resolution in support of the Birth to Three for All DC Act (5-0-0)
-Resolution affirming 1C 04 special election results. (5-0-0) 

The ANC voted to table the following item:
-Proposal for a by-law amendment that would create an ANC 1C consent calendar. (5-0-0)

Agenda for the November 6 meeting:

-Introduction of Commissioners.
-Approve minutes from October meeting.
-FY19-Q4 Reconciliation/Close Out.
-Resolution to adjust December 2019 and January 2020 ANC meeting calendar.
-Consider the renewal of Heaven & Hell/The Green Island Cafe's ABC license, #074503. Heaven & Hell is located at 2327 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Timehri's ABC license, #077730. Timehri is located at 2439 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Madams Organ's ABC license, #025273. Madam's Organ is located at 2461 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Bukom Cafe's ABC license, #026466. Bukom Cafe is located at 2442 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Shenanigans's ABC license, #088119. Shenanigans is located at 2450 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Mellow Mushroom's ABC license, #086063. Mellow Mushroom is located at 2436 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Bedrock Billiards's ABC license, #019008. Bedrock Billiards is located at 1841 Columbia Road NW.
-Consider the renewal of Grand Duchess's ABC license, #106575. Grand Duchess is located at 2337 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of The Green Zone's ABC license, #106839. The Green Zone is located at 2226 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of The Imperial's ABC license, #109169. The Imperial is located at 2001 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of Songbyrd's ABC license, #096137. Songbyrd is located at 2475-2477 18th Street NW.
-Consider the renewal of WeWork's ABC license, #097647. WeWork is located at 1875 Connecticut Ave NW.
-BZA application for Destination Pet, LLC (2218-2220 18th St. NW), requesting an expansion of Life of Riley in operation at the neighboring building (2222-2224 18th St. NW).
-Resolution in support of pedestrian and cyclist safety bills with recommended edits.
-Resolution in support of B23-415, the Vision Zero Distracted Driving Amendment Act of 2019.
-Resolution in support of amendments for B23-359, The Electric Mobility Devices Amendment Act of 2019 with recommended edits.
-Revised grant guidelines.
-Additional items TBA.