(entrance on 18th St. to the right and down the stairs from the school entrance) 

Agenda for the May 29 meeting: 

- Consider writing a letter of support for the Adams Morgan Partnership BID’s application for the Public Art Building Communities project grant. View a draft here.
- Consider updating ANC1C grant guidelines and policy statement
- Consider grant application for Adams Morgan Day. 


Actions taken by the Committee at the April 24 meeting:

• Recommend that the ANC approve a resolution in support of funding the Public Restrooms Facilities Installation & Promotion Act of 2018 with suggested edits. (2-0-0)

The Committee also voted to add a resolution to the agenda based on it being in the community’s best interest to weigh in despite the lack of notice because of the potential for irreparable harm if the ANC does not act immediately:
• Recommend that the ANC approve a resolution urging DPR/DGS to work with WMATA to provide water to the Walter Pierce Park Dog Park. (2-0-0)

The Committee discussed updating the ANC1C grant application form available on the ANC1C website and voted in favor of bringing it to the attention of the full ANC. (2-0-0)



Matters addressed at the March 27 meeting: 

- Recent updates from Washington Gas following the DC Public Service Commission’s community hearing in February. The committee heard from Apera Nwora, Community District Manager for PROJECTpipes and Washington Gas’ Public Affairs Officer, and Marie Johns, a Senior Consultant with Washington Gas.

- Walter Pierce Park. DPR and DGS will hold a community meeting to discuss the park on April 8 at 6:30-8:00 pm at Marie Reed Rec Center Community Room. View the meeting flyer here.

- A spending authorization for a new ANC website and streaming of meetings to increase community engagement. The committee is gauging interest from the community and is collecting information and advice from other ANCs.

- Grant application from AMYLA, requesting $1,000 from the ANC to provide financial education books for children between the ages of 5 and 18. The committee has decided to table this request for the moment and seek more information from the Office of ANCs and from the applicant.

- Marie Reed Tea Party. Ms. Essie Bowman shared her plans to hold the Marie Reed Tea Party, an event for girls and their parents, at Marie Reed Rec Center Gym on April 20 at 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Ms. Bowman is seeking financial and/or in-kind donations from the community to make the event happen. To donate or find out more about the event, fill out this form and return it in person to Ms. Bowman at Marie Reed, or contact her at (202) 550-9060 or essie.bowman@dc.gov.




Jubilee Housing has plans to expand the amount of affordable housing that they can offer in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and some of it will serve men and women who have spent time in incarceration. This meeting will be an opportunity to learn more.


Envision Adams Morgan came about in the spring of 2012 in response to the rapid changes in development in the Adams Morgan. A committed group began meeting regularly with the Public Services and Environment Committee of the ANC1C to develop an overall vision of Adams Morgan that would serve as a both a reference and a guide for understanding Adams Morgan’s present and its future.  A baseline report was created by volunteer residents in 2013 with the support of an urban planning team from Catholic University.