Next meeting: 

Wed Jun 01 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Summary of May 4 meeting: 

  • Voted 7-0-0 to remove consideration of Muzette's liquor license from the agenda
  • Voted 7-0-0 to remove review of Seasoned Settlers grant application from the agenda
  • Voted 7-0-0 to add consideration of a resolution regarding the District of Columbia's role as an abortion safe haven to the agenda
  • Voted 7-0-0 to approve the agenda
  • Presentation by Inez Saki-Tay about DCRA
  • Presentation by Ryan O’Leary, chairman DC Committee to Build a Better Restaurant Industry, proposer of Initiative 82
  • Voted 7-0-0 to approve the consent agenda:
  • Voted 7-0-0 in favor of special exceptions for BZA application (case 20735) for 2920 18th St NW
  • Voted 7-0-0 in favor of a letter in support of a building permit (B220280) and HPRB application for the Imperial at 2001 18th St NW
  • Voted 7-0-0 in favor oANC 1C Resolution Regarding the District of Columbia’s Role as a Safe Haven for Reproductive Health Services


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