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Next meeting: September 1

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Actions taken at July 7 meeting:

  • Commander Han Kim from the MPD’s Third District introduced himself
  • Approved (7-0-0) the Consent Agenda

Regular Agenda

  • Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee
    • Approved (5-2-0) a request for Special Exception relief from lot occupancy restrictions at 2240 Ontario Road NW. The zoning relief sought is an additional 5% from lot occupancy restrictions of 60%. The zoning relief will allow the addition of outdoor decks to the rear of the building on the second and third stories.
    • Approved (7-0-0) a letter in support of Seasoned Settlers using art at the intersection of Columbia Rd and 17th St as a traffic calming measure to support an application for a PABC grant
  • Public Services and the Environment Committee


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