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no meeting in August

Actions taken at July 28 meeting:

  • Reviewed and advanced a grant application from Jubilee Jumpstart , subject to approval by OANC before the 9/1 ANC meeting
  • Reviewed and advanced a grant application from Adams Morgan Day, subject to amendments to include a plaque at the site of the mural and approval by OANC before the 9/1 ANC meeting 
  • Reviewed and advanced the draft contract for meeting and A/V services from Gordon Chaffin for the ANC for consideration at the 9/1 ANC meeting, with additions to be made on a contract amendment clause and more details on proposed hybrid meeting facilitation services and planned technology and use
  • Watch the meeting

June 23 meeting

  • The League of Women Voters DC presented on the upcoming redistricting in DC, which will redraw the ward, ANC, and SMD lines for the city. The LWV shared information on the timing of the redistricting (which will start in Sept this year) and that residents will have an opportunity to submit their own maps for the city to consider. Residents can see examples of how to draw these maps at Districtr 
  • Monica Bose presented on a proposal for a public art installation at Unity Park and the Line Hotel for spring 2022. She is requesting the ANC to submit a letter of support for her upcoming application for a DCCAH grant for the project and will share a brief presentation for us to consider at the July meeting.
  • Video recording of June 23 mtg:


Video recordings of meetings in 2021:


Video recordings of meetings in 2020:


Envision Adams Morgan came about in the spring of 2012 in response to the rapid changes in development in the Adams Morgan. A committed group began meeting regularly with the Public Services and Environment Committee of the ANC1C to develop an overall vision of Adams Morgan that would serve as a both a reference and a guide for understanding Adams Morgan’s present and its future.  A baseline report was created by volunteer residents in 2013 with the support of an urban planning team from Catholic University.